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We are lucky enough to be situated in Southampton, just a stone throw away from the coast and the New Forest. This offers plenty of opportunity for hiking, surfing, paddle boarding and camping. This is what has inspired us to bring elements of each of these things to clothing. We are always on the hunt for inspiration and have developed our passion for the surfing lifestyle into a unique clothing brand. In our designs you will find elements of forests, mountains, waves, surfing, camping, hiking and more. Whilst located in Southampton we are always looking for our next adventure to source new inspiration from. Our designs showcase inspiration from around the world and places we have traveled to including Hawaii, Mount Rainier, Canada, Cornwall and many others.

Our ethos is to make clothing that withstands the elements of nature. In other words, clothing that lasts. Whether our shirts are being worn in the ocean, on summer walks or simply on the sofa, we wanted to create the perfect tees, hoodies and sweatshirts that will be comfortable and practical. Therefore, all our clothing is made from ethically sourced cotton or heavy cotton blend fabrics that are soft and breathable. 

Part of our mission is to build a sense of community among our customers and build a brand that can be recognised and know for doing good. We are always developing new ways to do this such as donating a percentage of sales to charities to help protect the seas on oceans that inspire us.


Little Beadz

At Willis & Gibbs we're all about community and supporting local business and we have fallen in love with this small Jewellery business.  These amazing bracelets and necklaces have a real surfer vibe to them and we think they're awesome! You can see a full selection of them on their instagram (link above) where you can also order them. You can choose your own colours too! It is so cool to see startups like this and we want to play our part in supporting our community of customers and helping others out along the way. 


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